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The facts of the sale are emerging. The Cornwall Federation of Women's Institutes refused to tell the Kelly Bray Residents Association how much they wanted for the Hall.  Those involved assumed they would find out when it came onto the market. To all intents and purposes it never did come on the market. The CFWI put it in the hands of an estate agent in Truro, who emailed his client list, one of whom purchased it.

Truro is 45 miles away from the Hall’s locality and it seems this was done as a means of ensuring that no one in Kelly Bray was aware it was on the market until it had been sold. It was sold for a mere £25,000. There are people in Kelly Bray who would have been interested in buying it for that price as a medium term investment and would  have allowing it to continue to be used as a village hall for some years to come. The Charity Law says that a charity must obtain best market price for any property they own and CFWI may well be in breach of that law by not advertising it for sale in the locality where there was likely to be greatest interest.  It was purchased by Alma SW Ltd, a property developer in St Austell who is proposing to build a 4 bedroom house and a 2 bedroom bungalow on the site.